Set Models

1/4"=1' scale set model for Clybourne Park designed by Prof. John Wilson

A Cabinet. Designed by Prof. John Wilson at SFSU for a production of Tartuffe at Stanford University. It is a class project that a student builds a model of Professor's design. Balsa wood, bristol paper, Sculpey, wires, wood glue, acrylic paint, metalic powder, wood glue, and hot glue. The doors are able to open. Hours - 1week.

1/4"=1' scale model for Fallen Angels at Theatreworks designed by Prof. John Wilson.

Utility pole models. Designed by Prof. John Wilson for the show “After the Revolution” at Aurora Theatre. Fall 2013.

Spiral Staircase model. It was a class project for SFSU set model class in 2012 fall. Plywood, bamboo sticks, jewery ornaments, a rope, plaster of paris, concrete, balsa wood, and acrylic paint. Hours - 1 week.


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